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    Photos by Annie Farber captures wedding, engagement, senior, family, maternity, newborn, baby and child photography.

    Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I offer a modern, photojournalistic perspective in a variety of settings and situations. My photography career began in the marketing agencies of Des Moines, Iowa, and has followed me to eastern Iowa.

    I adore my family and three children and document our lives through photography and video. They would say relentlessly so (see pic to the left for their retaliation). Life moves too quickly, and my memories will be captured for generations to come. My wish is that I may do the same for you... with style, grace and love.

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Modern Industrial Laundry Room

The laundry room in our new house was my pet project, and I’m so excited to share it, and it’s functional and stylish features, with you.

My cousin, Pat Erb, created the sliding barn door leading to the laundry room out of a 1900′s corn crib. He is available to create custom work, and I’ll share more pics of this gem of a door in a future post. It’s functional, rustic and authentic, which I love. The pipe handle was purchased from John Richmond’s Etsy store called, IndustrialHousewares.

Bragging rights to whomever can identify the Sex and the City episode on the TV below! I will forever think you’re cool if you remember without cheating.

The drying racks are my favorite part about the laundry room! They hold exactly as much as I need them to hold. I have the highest capacity Samsung washer/dryer set on the market, and I still have plenty of room with the four drying racks featured here. I hang dry about 15% of our total laundry. The owner/inventor was so amazing to work with and even came out to my home to install this unit. was the only product I found that could meet my space and organizational needs. I’m so excited I found this company! Pricing for the various rack quantity and size options can be found on their website.

I am still searching for reinforced, burlap laundry baskets, but I’m having a hard time finding them. Please message me if you have any ideas! Metal baskets won’t work because they’ll destroy the woodwork.

A TV.. because, laundry.

The floor is from Mel’s Carpet Outlet in Dubuque, Iowa. It’s ceramic tile with the look and texture of wood. How cool is that?!

The counter tops are white Quartz and are HIGHLY durable. We have this same pattern on our kitchen island. Our first preference was white marble but marble is way too porous and chips easily.

The washer/dryer side has some decorative and storage elements. The burlap bin on the bottom right is where the sock elf hides the mismatched socks.

I love the capacity and features of this Samsung set from REM Electric in Monticello, Iowa. I’ve had some issues with the washing machine’s seal, but it’s under warranty and they’re resolving the issue promptly.

Rustic, mirrored knobs echo the backsplash. They’re from Hobby Lobby.

Storage, storage, organization, organization…. Our family was in desperate need of A Lot of both. With a family of 6, there’s a lot to track! I hear daily, “Where’s this or that,” and my only reply, “It’s in your locker!.”

I chose to mix wood color for three reasons: to add some dimension to the color scheme of the room, to introduce the dark woods of the next room and because these lockers get beat up. The dark shows some dust, but I’m still glad I picked it over the white getting muddy every day.

Our drop zone! I have horrible handwriting so the chalkboard hangs empty; I’ll get a guest to write on it one of these days. In this stand I have a cell phone charging station with chords that run to the back of the, “Phone,” box, a mail box, a newspaper box (no more newspapers on the counter!) and a box for everyone but the baby.

Last but not least, the grey, antiqued mirrored subway tile. This is what makes this room MY room. A little bit of glitz sure makes doing laundry a tiny bit more glamorous. Here is the tile from


Allisyn and Kyle enjoyed a two-part engagement session in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Part 1 took place at the Ventanas de Cabo, a residential neighborhood in the mountains; part 2, starting below, was a romantic, sunset beach picnic near the restaurant, Sunset Da Mona Lisa. The newly-engaged Iowa couple soaked up the sunset and let the Cabo love pour over them. No Dias Malos (No Bad Days) / 330 days of annual sunshine in Cabo San Lucas made for an unforgettable engagement photo session!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Maley Engagement Session
Maley Engagement Photo Session

Maley Engagement